A New Era for the Workplace

15 January 2020


Jenny Ouellette
Recrutment and management


A leadership and recruitment crisis is affecting our organizations. At the start of this new decade, we have to face the facts: it’s time to make drastic, positive changes, for everyone’s benefit: business owners, managers, employees and job seekers.

Have you noticed that the job market is changing? Today, millennials are reinventing the way we do things, good employers are praised, job seekers demand good managers, employees aren’t afraid to leave bad bosses behind, new methods are being shared, and well-being is now a part of our workdays. So, how can we transform the job market? I like to emphasize the need for more good bosses and the importance of humanizing the recruitment process. Here are some solutions, that, in my opinion, will have an impact on the year 2020.


During my human resources career, all too often I came across recruiters who discriminated against job seekers because of their first names, exhausted employees, and disconnected senior executives who wanted to make a profit at the expense of people and our company.

None of them had seemed to grasp the most important concept: being human at work is crucial! A business becomes more prosperous when its employees (and not just its customers!), are valued. While some continue to turn a blind eye to the problems caused by poor management and a short-term vision, others have understood that management is not a question of ego, but about kindness and ethics! I call them, the good bosses. And believe me, they are part of the solution in today’s job market, because they inspire others to become better.



Whenever I meet with business leaders, I find that many of them do not train their managers adequately. This becomes problematic, since being a leader is a role in itself, it’s not simply adding tasks to an existing position. This probably explains why 50% to 75% of managers will experience failure in their roles according to a survey by Hogan. This is why we need good bosses and senior management to get involved in training and development!

The catch is that we often don’t know what it means to be a good boss. That’s probably why it’s difficult to become one. In 2018, we conducted a survey with 850 respondents, and concluded that a good boss:

➾ Listens to their employees;

➾ Helps them progress;

➾ Clearly shares their vision with them;

➾ Respects their employees and is fair to all of them.

In other words, a good boss is trusting, takes care of people, leads by example, and has high standards of ethics and quality! They never reign with terror, or keep information for themselves, or put their own interests before those of the organization. And above all, they don’t want to become a boss to have power over others. I can tell you: whether a leader is good or not, they have a positive or negative influence on the culture, performance and well-being of the team.



As a former recruiter, I see how modernizing and humanizing our hiring process has become urgent. Our traditional methods do not really give job seekers a chance to showcase who they are or display their real potential. Recruiters are still looking for the gem that will perform 1001 tasks without considering values ​​and personality as assets to the company. They see experience and education, rather than truly looking at the person in front of them. In my opinion, in order to humanize recruitment, it is necessary to value someone’s personality as much as someone’s skill set, and be more open to unusual profiles.

The perfect expression to illustrate the current challenges in recruitment says: “We hired them for their skills, and fired them for their personality”.

I strongly believe that businesses and job seekers would benefit from hiring based on values, personality and imperfections. And, wouldn’t that help us avoid unnecessary dismissals?

Since we are in the midst of a labour shortage, traditional hiring has been the Achilles heel of companies. They are struggling to hire and attract the right candidates.

Next I will share my vision of a recruitment process that is more agile, flexible, technology-driven, and human. I will also explore leadership in a new light, as well as well-being and love in the workplace.

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Jenny Ouellette

About Jenny Ouellette

Founder of BonBoss

Jenny is the founder of BonBoss.ca Inc., a company that aims to change the workplace, one good boss at a time. With a bachelor's degree in industrial relations, she began her career in human resources management before starting a life as a content marketing entrepreneur. Her unusual career path has led her to develop a unique expertise and vision for the future of recruitment and management.