A Strong Franchisor is Key

8 May 2019

Before becoming a franchisee along with his spouse CARINE LEROUX, ÉRIC FILIATRAULT had touched every aspect of the disaster restoration and insurance industries. His leap into entrepreneurship was based on the couple’s trusting relationship previously established with their franchisor, NANCY RAYMOND.

When CEO Nancy Raymond made the move from her former franchise to Steamatic Canada, the franchisee couple, was faced with an important decision: stay with their current franchise, or follow Nancy Raymond on her new adventure. “Only a few locations followed, but we trusted her, says Éric Filiatrault, president of Steamatic Vaudreuil-Salaberry. We had seen her in action for two years, and witnessed her vision, her motivation. The discussion was kept short: we were all in with Nancy. We wanted to go the distance with her!”

The couple made the jump before even knowing what the new contract was going to look like. “The first few months were challenging”, says Mr. Filiatrault. “Leaving a franchise for another, means your existing business contracts are null and void. It’s disorienting. During the transition, we saw three difficult months where we generated very little business.”


Nevertheless, the couple didn’t regret their decision. “Nancy was the person who inspired our determination”, adds Mr. Filiatrault. “We love her vision. She’s willing to go to great lengths to reach her dreams.”

“When they announced that the entire head office team was going on this adventure with her, it got us thinking”, says Carine Leroux, who specializes in finance and administration. “It was reassuring to know that everyone was staying on board.”

The relationship of trust between franchisor and franchisee is at the very base of this success story. “Now that the dust has settled, we see that this is the best business decision we ever made”, adds Mrs. Leroux. “Going with our gut was a good move. Today, after only two years with the Steamatic franchise, our business is growing at an incredible rate.”


The best of both worlds

When Eric Filiatrault got the bug, and wanted to open his own disaster restoration business, franchising seemed like the most promising option.

“I was leaving the insurance industry as an appraiser for damaged buildings at Intact, and knew that as a private owner, it’s hard to get business from insurance companies. However, they are more inclined to enter into a contract with a franchise made up of 30 or 40 locations.”

For this disaster restoration expert, franchising meant strength in numbers: “The more trucks we have driving around, the more people talk about our services, the more benefits we see. And, since Steamatic has been in the business for 50 years, people trust the brand. Which is a non-negotiable for a clientele in the midst of a stressful situation.”

The reliability and uniformity of our services bring our franchise to a superior level,” says Mr. Filiatrault. “In certain businesses, it’s every man for himself. Whether you are in Vaudreuil-Dorion or Gatineau, our coherence is what makes us stronger and better. Franchises with a strong common vision are the ones that stand out over the years.”

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