Danielehenkel.tv is a media platform dedicated to inform, entertain and bring together entrepreneurs and anyone interested in learning from their experience and discover their reality.

We are now more connected than ever with many technologies. Danielehenkel.tv, as a numeric platform, will continue to connect us but will focus on the human being. In a time where boundaries and borders are unclear, this new media is open to anyone who wants to make a difference.

This media is a place where exchanges around the different realities of entrepreneurship are taken at heart, offering mutual support between entrepreneurs.

Our program will show women and men successes, challenges, failures, solutions and future perspectives in the form of videos, articles and testimonials. We will cultivate the know-how together.

Let’s be motivated, let’s be inspired and above all let’s take a stand and be a voice.

This media will serve as a bridge to connect the entrepreneurs and the population. Let’s put together our visions our goals let’s put aside our differences let’s be proud of who we are and let’s build our economy together.

As they say: They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it. Alone will go faster together will go farther.

To contact our team, ask questions, offer partnerships, write us at info@danielehenkel.tv