Andréanne A. Malette, #ARTpreneur

6 July 2019

Learning the job is one thing, taking control of every aspect of your career is another. Singer-songwriter Andréanne A. Malette has built, brick by brick, the business woman she has become. Today, the author of French music hits Fou and Ici et ailleurs is a role model for the next generation.

Take action, the key piece of advice she would give all budding young artists. Full steam ahead, there’s no such thing as perfect timing. A philosophy that has served her well so far.

Don’t take no for an answer
After her remarkable career on the televised Quebec singing competition Star Académie in 2012, Andréanne A. Malette made her debut with Productions J, a large agency that managed the full 360 degrees of her career. “I was lucky, and unlucky at the same time, for not being their priority project,” states the graduate of the French music school École nationale de la Chanson. “So I took it upon myself to become my own producer by organizing meetings, laid out with agendas, by choosing my musicians, and the photographer and director for the album. I had a lot of freedom, but I wasn’t moving at my own pace, and was often faced with refusals.

After the release of a first album in 2014, the contract was mutually canceled in 2015. “No offense to my experience with them, but I remember leaving there dancing with my arms up in the air, and I felt like I could finally breathe for the first time in a long time. Not having control over my career had become too stressful.”


Independant and stronger
The singer then looked for a manager, only to realize that the chemistry just wasn’t there. She was going to self-manage her career. Then, she looked for a producer for whom she would have to map out her professional plan. While she was at it, why not self-produce. The same pattern was repeated for album licensing: she would be better served by herself!

In her new role as producer/manager/editor, Andréanne A. Malette took matters into her own hands, and took training courses available on marketing, taxation, sales, show production, and business models. “There is an abundance of training courses offered by organizations such as SPACQ, ADISQ, UDA, Conseil québécois de la musique and SOPROQ, and they are all underutilized,”she says.

To get into action quickly, the singer founded Les Productions NIA in 2016, and created two show concepts, one after the other: a series of interactive concerts (which would lead her to the twelve song titles of her second album) and her unique campfire tour concept, Tournée Feu de camp.

Let’s talk #business

Her path not only gave the artist extraordinary tools, it made her a mentor in the mainstream music industry. Not a week goes by without a young artist trying to produce their own music reaching out to her to go for coffee and ask for advice.

Even today, she never leaves home without her audio books … “Recently, I listened to some on managing a web community … To capitalize on my time spent on the road, I turned my car into a university. I still have so much to learn!”

“Producing and managing all aspects of my career has become a way for me to set myself apart from others,” she adds. “I make sure it comes up during interactions with the media. I also do it on my social networks with #BusinessMonday. I am not the first, nor the only one, but I’ve managed to market it well.”


Balance is key

Today, Productions NIA does business with twenty or so subcontractors, including an assistant who allows Andréanne A. Malette “to have a life and avoid burnout,” she says.

The biggest challenge? Making time for artistic creation, while taking care of management and administrative duties. “For 15 years, I have composed on average 12 songs a year. The last three years have been rather dry. My goal is to eventually reach a 33:33:33 ratio for my life as a producer, my life as an artist, and my personal life.”

Does she consider herself an entrepreneur? “I think I still have a lot to learn. I like the term artpreneur. With strong female role models like Danièle Henkel and Arlene Dickinson, I aspire to succeed in my entrepreneurial career while maintaining a balanced family life. It’s a big challenge, but I intend to try!”

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