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Mélissa Proulx is a journalist, news contributor, and copywriter. Passion and creativity have been driving her to create rich and diverse journalistic content since 2002.

With a bachelor’s degree in French literature from the University of Ottawa, and a diploma in journalism, Mélissa Proulx was only 21 years old when she was offered the reins to the weekly cultural publication Voir Gatineau-Ottawa, which she managed for eight years. Her path eventually lead her back home to oversee the lifestyle section of Voir Montréal, and work as assistant editor in chief of Enfants Québec.

As an independent journalist, she’s collaborated with La Presse, La Presse+, and a number of other Quebec-based magazines such as Ricardo, Moi&Cie, Clin d’oeil, Vélo Mag and Forces. Over the years, she’s made her mark as a copywriter in the business, health, food, family, and art sectors. Her flair for new trends has opened the door to the radio and television worlds of ICI Radio-Canada where she’s been featured as a contributor on guest segments.

This energetic mom of two boys particularly enjoys meeting with the brilliant creative minds of today.

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