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Dr. Nicolas Chevrier, psychologist, holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, in which he focused on the impact organizational factors can have on the development of burnout.

In 2004, he founded Sequoia Psychological Services, a psychological counselling company which aims to help companies and their employees manage psychological health issues at work. The company has offices in Old Montreal, where it has been aiding professionals, executives and workers in distress for over 15 years.

Aiming to aid and educate the general public, Dr. Chevrier has been very active in various media outlets since 2006. Through blogs (Naître & grandir), radio programs (Les Éclaireurs on ICI Radio-Canada Première), interviews (Les Affaires, La Presse, Radio-Canada), conferences (CNESST’s Journée de Santé Psychologique, Failcamp, Campus InfoPresse), and through various television and radio appearances (Deux filles le matin [TVA], Médium-Large [ICI Radio-Canada Première], Isabelle [98.5 FM], Banc Public [Télé-Québec]), he provides the public with honest, validated and thorough scientific data from psychology research corpora.

He joined the Board of Directors of the Professional Order of Psychologists of Quebec in 2005, where he held the Vice-Presidency from 2013–2018. He represented Quebec as a Council of Representatives member for the prestigious American Psychological Association (APA) for two terms (2013–2018). Still involved in governance, he has been the President of the Board of Directors for the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) since June 2016.

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