Can too Many Resources Overwhelm Entrepreneurs?

31 January 2019

In Quebec, there are no less than 1,250 organizations dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship. A staggering amount of resources available for the 11, 560 new businesses per year. Which raises the question, how do you find what you need?

The rate of businesses seeing the light of day is around 11,560, according to the most recent statistics from Institut de la statistique du Québec, for 2014. If we count businesses that are one or two years old, the number goes up to 29,280. Even though there are a lot of resources available to help entrepreneurs grow and expand, entrepreneurs who are just starting up usually need the most support. Stuck in a start-up whirlwind, they don’t always know where to turn to keep their heads above water, and how to find help better suited to their specific needs. And that’s not surprising, since the most recent data from Info Entrepreneurs states that approximately 1,250 organizations currently exist!


Too many resources?

Last week, we attended Expo Entrepreneurs, an event that brings all of Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem together, during which we found ourselves asking: are there too many options? President and founder of the event, Nima Jalalvandi, spoke about this, and in his opinion the answer is no. “I don’t think there are too many resources. 20 years ago the term entrepreneur or entrepreneurship was not seen as something to be desired. We have created new programs and outreach organizations. And today, there are so many ways to be an entrepreneur! You can start your own business, you can be an intrapreneur, you can retake an already existing business. All those different choices explain why there are so many resources available, since the possibilities are endless.”

Becoming more fluid

Mr. Jalalvandi recognizes however that the scene is ready for the next step. “An ecosystem grows, and evolves”, he points out. “The stage where we need to create a network, unite the forces that are scattered across the province has happened organically. It’s now important that these resources work together, collaborate to offer a seamless progression. For an entrepreneur to have a direct path, moving with ease, from the first program, to the second, and so on and so forth.”

“We have to work together, connect, unite forces to help entrepreneurs grow locally and internationally with the help of Quebec’s network.” – Nima Jalalvandi


How to find what you are looking for

Info Entrepreneurs, an ACCLR service from The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, acts like a self-serve centre regrouping all resources, offering support services, financing, training, mentorship, consulting, and coworking. The directory is updated continually. Quebec entrepreneurs can also get free advice on resources, organizations and programs that may be useful for their business projects. The website also offers a business intelligence service, providing a wide selection of tools and data (market data and trends, a list of suppliers, potential) to help with market research and business plans.

When it comes to upcoming assemblies, this year Nima Jalalvandi’s team has a second event planned specifically for all parties who support entrepreneurs: Expo Entrepreneurs PRO. “We will present the results of our studies conducted in January during the Montreal edition, says Mr. Jalalvandi. “Together we will create a network and find solutions to current issues. Those two days will allow us to reflect on trends, main challenges, and decide which subjects we will be presenting at Expo Entrepreneurs 2010.” Expo Entrepreneurs PRO will be taking place on June 12 and 13, in Quebec City.

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