Hyperconnectivity in business

27 November 2018

4 Ways to Disconnect for Today’s Leaders

Maintaining a healthy relationship with digital tools in business all starts with a well-balanced leader, says Catherine Privé, Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), and president and chief executive officer at Alia Conseil. Here are her best tips for today’s leaders:

1. Lead by example

Even though he understandably works on many complexe files, a business leader who always keeps an eye on his phone doesn’t offer the presence it takes to be completely attentive to others and to situations. That said, by adopting healthy work habits and choosing moments to truly engage with his team, he becomes a leader his employees want to follow.

2. Be present

Is it because of hyperconnectivity or the frantic pace of today’s society? Nowadays, it seems that some managers are frequently too busy to meet with their teams. However, we must work on transforming all this agitation into organizational adaptability. By taking the time, despite the pace, to prioritize and value activities (gather teams, recognize the right steps to take). Leaders who pay attention to the quality of their own presence will certainly notice positive benefits, such as better engagement and performance, loyalty, and a better ratio of physical and mental presence from their employees.

3. Embrace transitions

In today’s fast-paced business world, the time between two appointments or two meetings is sometimes the only moment available to keep up with the influx of emails and incoming calls. Big mistake! To get to the next meeting with the right mindset, to be involved, and make an impact, it would be better to embrace those little  moments of “downtime” during the day to centre ourselves and reset, preparing us to take on the rest of the day.

4. Breathe

To manage her stress and improve her concentration and presence at work and in life in general, Catherine Privé practices cardiac coherence (controlled breathing) on ​​a daily basis. “Six breaths per minute, for 5 minutes, allows us to control our heart rate variability (our pulse), which improves our mental state and concentration. A simple daily practice that makes me feel on top of my game!”


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