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3 April 2019

What do companies like Ecorecreo, Première Moisson and Solotech have in common? They have all received financial support from Investissement Québec (IQ). Despite providing funding totalling $1.1 billion in 2017–2018, the role of the “government’s financial arm” remains unknown for a significant portion of the business community. We spoke about this with Dominique Chaussé, Regional Director for the South Shore and Montérégie.

The aerial park Voiles et Voiles received the support of Investissement Québec.

In 2017–2018, IQ provided funding to approximately 1,500 companies for projects including expansions, acquisitions and transfers. “IQ can become involved at any stage in the life cycle of a business — in the start-up, growth, or maturity stages,” explains Ms. Chaussé. “We also work in collaboration with investment funds to support companies through their pre-start-up stage.”

A Relationship Built on Trust

“We believe that Investissement Québec is well known, but we’ve realized that not enough people are actually aware of what we do,” states Ms. Chaussé. “Some entrepreneurs find us too intimidating, but in reality we’re really accessible and we are there to support entrepreneurs in every economic region of Quebec.”

The first step usually consists of an initial meeting that helps IQ to allocate the best expert for the entrepreneur. “They don’t need to have all the information on hand,” Ms. Chaussé continues, “however, they should be prepared. The better prepared the entrepreneur, the better we can advise them about solutions that are adapted to their project. It’s completely normal that things progress in stages and that they share their challenges with us. Our role is to discuss their project with them, to get to the bottom of the project’s DNA and its progress. Our work consists of making sure they understand the financing package and the obligations they have towards their investors.”

What Solutions does IQ Offer?

IQ provides funding from its own fund at rates comparable to those you’ll find at other institutions. It also acts as an agent of the government in the management of programs in specific sectors, such as steel, aluminum, and the forestry industry. “Our offerings can be combined when a case meets the admissibility criteria of each program. IQ will handle the financing package, the authorization of loans, and discussions with potential partners.”

“IQ shares the same values as entrepreneurs in Quebec, specifically business growth, employment development, and maintaining head offices in the province. That’s what makes our partnerships strong!” — Dominique Chaussé

Solotech Group received the support of IQ for the acquisition of SSE Audio Group. © Solotech

A Patient Partner

What makes IQ different from other institutions? Patience! “IQ can provide moratoriums on principal repayments from six months to several years,” adds Ms. Chaussé. “This enables companies to take a breath as they have a lower financial burden for launching their project.”

Furthermore, in 80% of cases, IQ provides financing in partnership with other resources. “This complementary role enables us to share the risk,” specifies Ms. Chaussé. “I’m quite certain that some projects would never have seen the light of day without our support.”

Another aspect that characterizes a partner like IQ is its strategic goals. “Cases are analyzed based on the company’s sustainability and employment creation, and not solely based on its performance. Our strategic goals aim to develop the economy of Quebec,” concludes Ms. Chaussé.

Visit IQ’s website to find out more about the range of financial solutions that may be available to you.

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