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15 October 2019

We are all familiar with the constant race against the clock from morning to night. With little to no time for yourself. What if we followed Andreea’s lead and revised our schedules, finding small windows to recalibrate our lives? Productivity coach Matthieu Desroches talks about his morning activation routine.

The minute you jump out of the bed is one of the best moments of the day to take time for yourself. Matthieu Desroches, organization and productivity consultant, coach and speaker, is a firm believer of this practice. “People often complain about not having enough time for themselves. Yet, if they would simply rethink their bedtime and wake-up time, while respecting their need for sleep, they would not only gain 30 minutes per day but it would also make an impactful change in their day”.

Matthieu took an interest in this matter a few years ago. “I was the perfect example of a person who went to bed late and got up late. I always felt like I was playing catch-up on my day. I was stressed and frustrated. It seemed like life was consuming me.”


Then he immersed himself in best-selling books such as The Miracle Morning (see box below) and Wake Up Successful, and changed his habits little by little. “Today, this discipline is a part of me, it brings me a lot of satisfaction and benefits.” His approach? Like Andreea Vanacker, he takes the time to tap into the three fundamental elements of the being: the body, the soul, and the mind.

Activation routine


Prepare and energize your body for the day by practising your choice of physical activity. “Going for a walk, doing a workout at the gym, stretching or yoga poses; the type of exercise does not matter. The important thing is to wake the body up and get the blood circulation after lying still during the night.”


Choose a time for introspection, which can be done in the form of visualization, meditation or prayer. It is sometimes the best opportunity to get into a positive mindset that will resonate throughout the day.


Stimulate the intellect by reading, writing or planning, as long as it excludes external requests such as email, calls, etc. Take the opportunity to indulge in a creative task during a moment when your focus is usually at its peak.

“Obviously, the ritual will only allow for two of the three aspects, but they will certainly give you the feeling of being in control of your day, of being proactive, rather than reactive.” And what about productivity? By going to bed and getting up earlier, Matthieu Desroches has calculated a significant gain in free time each week. “I get at least five hours of personal time a week. Rather than watching a series or scrolling through my phone late at night, I invest that time in something more meaningful in the morning.”

“The majority of people (see box below) are more productive in the morning. Fresh and present, they are able to solve more complex problems faster. That’s why it’s best to start your workday with the task that requires the most concentration.”


For Andreea Vanacker, a morning routine is her way of keeping the promises she makes to herself throughout the day. Haven’t seen her video? Click here

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The future belongs to those who wake up early? Not always… In 2012, when The Miracle Morning was published, it was a hit. The author Hal Elrod proposes taking your life into your hands by waking up one to two hours earlier than usual and devote this time to personal development. “Medical science has shown us that this principle does not apply to everyone and that a segment of the population is simply not morning people,” explains Matthieu Desroches. In the excellent book The Power of When, Michael Breus speaks about using “chronotypes” to identify the rhythms of sleep patterns of individuals. Therefore, we should talk about wake-up routines rather than morning routines. The principle is to wake up intentionally and proactively, regardless of the sunrise.”

His favourite tools

The Morning Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest – a personal journal to help you set up your morning routine

Wake Up Successful by S.J. Scott


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