Staying Human in a World of AI

25 January 2019


Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are revolutionizing client relationships. Since bots are now swaying consumer choices more and more, how are brands maintaining the human element and staying relevant? Storytelling; useful, touching stories, infused in local culture or worldwide trends.

Humans love tips, and they love relatable heroes. They enjoy fables they can identify with. Creating branded content that places the client at the centre of the message, is therefore, the best way to generate an emotional connection and influence future purchases.

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In this video, you are the hero
To tell a good story, you must recognize who your target audience is, know what makes them tick, and understand what values and needs stimulate action. What kind of content should be chosen?

With your business’ DNA in mind, opt to educate your client on a subject. What format should you choose? According to Hubspot, when a page features both video and text, 72% prefer watching the video to learn more about the product or service (The State of the Video Marketing in 2018).

Short and practical

It’s interesting to note that YouTube content is on average 4:40 minutes long. Even though ads lasting 6 to 15 seconds are used more frequently to pique consumer interest (like the one from Airbnb), viewers often stay engaged from 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Unless the content is extremely rich and filled with key information, to maintain a good engagement rate, videos should be not be longer than 6 to 12 minutes.

Here are some great example to inspire you:

Sodastream is aiming to create a revolution to encourage us to stop drinking bottled water in excess. The brand regularly shares playful videos to promote their products on an environmental standpoint, in addition to sharing practical content their clients are interested in.

Based on their personalities or products, some companies benefit from producing short tutorials—15 minutes, give or take—like Mercedes for example (22 minutes),  or Mailchip (19:35). If your product requires a visual explanation or is just very technical by nature, these videos will be appreciated by your clients, and will reduce the amount of calls to customer service.

On the local scene, the new veterinary clinic franchise, Passionimo, casts millenials in order to entice them to be responsible pet owners. To compete with Dr. Google, the brand posts informative content, offering free tricks from their very own Doctors.

In conclusion your business must be more than just a product that generates revenue; make it a useful brand. Educate your clients by telling stories with a positive and practical message that they will want to share!

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